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SIREN offers a way to ease counselor and staff burden while increasing intervention speed, accuracy and efficiency. 

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If you aren’t already familiar with it, the student of concern assessment process can be extremely difficult to understand.  Just one assessment often involves several experts, many with doctoral degrees, who meet and debate their findings in an attempt to find common ground and make recommendations.  Fortunately, SIREN eliminates the most burdensome part of that process using machine learning. If you have questions about SIREN, please feel free to contact us at (800) 298-3345. 

Why does SIREN exist?

Following the Parkland school shooting, SIREN, the Student Intervention, Referral & Engagement Network, was created to stop school shootings and save student lives.

How has this method been used before?

The processes that are automated in SIREN have been used for decades in military human assessment operations.  Law enforcement has also used them.  The methods have been highly successful.

Is SIREN currently used on campuses?

Yes, but it is new technology.  Its primarily in use in the southeast US.

How is SIREN already making a difference?

SIREN has proven to save significant amounts of time and money while accurately assessing students who were potential threats to themselves and/or others.

Additional FAQs

Not surprisingly, parents, educators and campus law enforcement officials continuously express interest in the process behind SIREN’s automation.  Find a few more answers here.