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FAQs for Parents

SIREN offers a way to ease counselor and staff burden while increasing intervention speed, accuracy and efficiency. 

How will SIREN make my child safer?

The first step to resolving campus challenges is always to accurately and precisely identify the problem at its source. SIREN makes and keeps students safe by providing school administration with complete behavioral awareness of students who may be struggling and their impact on the greater campus population.  Using SIREN, a student may be found to be struggling due to any number of overt or hidden potential human influences and behaviors which are drawn from within sixteen behavioral dimensions.  These dimensions range from academic indicators to significant life events or from psychological markers to medical conditions.  Precisely knowing that a student is in need of care and knowing what type of care is best assures that the student of concern and his or her peers co-exist in a healthy environment that is positive for everyone involved.  SIREN uses a proven process that has been highly successful in predicting how humans may act within certain contexts.  By providing school leaders and caregivers with SIREN, there is direct illumination into the pathway that begins with minor infractions and ends with dangerous and threatening behavior or worse.  SIREN is the tool school administrators need to identify problems while they are still small and hopefully, of minor consequence.

How does SIREN work?

SIREN is non-intrusive to your student.  The secret to SIREN isn’t that it “snoops” on the student (and by natural extension, your family), but rather that the technology platform helps educational staff ask the right questions in the right way.  Next, SIREN manages mass amounts of data about the student’s thoughts and actions as compared against the trials of being a student in today’s hectic and challenging world where the campus is a microcosm of the best and worst of our society.

Once a student is selected as a candidate for SIREN analysis, the school enters basic biographic information about the student and his/her associates, which can help reveal peer influences and behavioral trends about which the school and perhaps even the parents, have little or no knowledge.

Next, information about the student’s school history is entered into SIREN in an effort to determine where a student excels, “just” exists, or faces struggles.  SIREN then generates a report that details an in-depth explanation of the behavioral environment and its possible effects on the student.  This report is called a Psyfolio. The Psyfolio then generates recommendations concerning interventions or care plans to the school staff for discussion and possible selection.

How does SIREN make decisions about my student and how are those decisions enforced?

SIREN never makes decisions about a student nor does it suggest enforcement actions.  SIREN simply generates a score and then compares it against a slate of interventions for use by the school staff.  In fact, in user certification training every person who uses SIREN signs a form indicating their acknowledgment that SIREN is an analysis, not a decision-making tool.   SIREN is built with machine-human collaboration in mind.

Why would a student be evaluated?

Students must have engaged in “observable, reportable behavior” before being selected as a candidate for SIREN assessment.  That means the student must have engaged in some concerning behavior that was reported to school administrators and which was the focus of a written report. SIREN is not a tool to be used to “cast a net” into the population in search of potential students of concern.  Such use of our platform is unethical and any school discovered to have engaged in such behavior will have its access to SIREN immediately and permanently discontinued.

Will I be told if my child is evaluated?

Psynetix Laboratories believes parents should be made aware if their student is assessed by SIREN, however parental disclosure is at the discretion of the school.

Are people at my child’s school really qualified to evaluate my child in this way?

Many schools have on staff counselors or psychometric professionals who are certified to conduct assessments.  However, in the case of SIREN, the platform is the assessor in that it complies the record and suggests interview questions in order to synthesize the data.  Once the data is automatically synthesized and fused humans take over the process to review why and how the analysis was conducted and to make any related decisions and judgements.  Finally, no school staff may use SIREN unless they have attended the Psynetix training course and received an analyst certification number.

What if a child is going through a temporary rough patch at home? Is this factored into the evaluation?

Yes.  Though such rough patches can be of many originations such as a medical or social problem, they typically arise and are evaluated as Significant Life Events.  Psynetix Laboratories sees every student’s life as a movie and every assessment as a snapshot of a given period of time.  SIREN can be used as often as needed to provide the best “true” picture of a student’s life structure.

If I contact the school about a student, will they be evaluated or told that I shared my concern?

Not by SIREN because there is no automated method for such contact. Not by Psynetix Laboratories because we don’t even know your student exists.  Such disclosures are made only according to local policy.

What happens after an evaluation?

Following assessment, the school decides next steps based upon their own professional judgement and local policy.  Neither SIREN nor Psynetix are involved in the process.

Will the police be called?

When police are called is a matter of local policy. Neither SIREN nor Psynetix are involved in such a process.

Who is informed if a child is assessed as a Student of Concern?

Student of Concern (or other similar) designation is determined at the local school level. Neither SIREN nor Psynetix are involved in such a process.

Will a child evaluated through SIREN impact their chance to go to college or other future opportunities?

No, SIREN reports are confidential documents maintained at the local school level. They are part of the student’s care and treatment record, which is protected by law in most states.

My heart sank the day my kindergartener told me about the lock-down drill at his school. He was so terrified, he came home every day for a month with wet pants because he was too afraid to use the school bathroom. This can’t be our new normal. SIREN gives the school district the tools to focus on the most at-risk individuals and provide the right help--without needlessly making our children fearful".

Brittany Bracken
Colorado Springs